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  • Neuroe Brand Colour & Logo Card

    You will receive an email after you check out with our Design Specifications and Upload Instructions.

    Pick a colour of your choice and supply us with your logo! We’ll handle the rest! All of our cards are printed on an 84mm x 55mm PVC Plastic NFC card with a total thickness of 0.86mm, and a Semi-gloss finish.
    We also include a QR code on the back of our cards! To help with some older devices that don’t have NFC capabilities, we also include a QR code on the back of the card to ensure that no matter who you’re talking to, they’ll be able to access your information right away, no matter the delivery method.

    No Apps Required, simply tap your phone or scan the QR code.
    Eco-Friendly – Our Cards come with a 10yr Hardware Guarantee.
    The World’s Most Secure Smart Business Card. Read More about how we protect your personal information.

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