Customer feedback is detrimental to a business’ growth and success in the market place, and with the rise of technology accessing that feedback should be as easy as ever. When a customer comes into your store, they expect quality, so when presented with it, they accept and thinking nothing more. However, when presented with subpar service, they are quick to call head office to complain.

In the August issue of Current Directions in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, Boston College psychologist, Elizabeth Kensinger and colleagues explains deeply into why we as humans do this. To briefly explain, Kensinger believes that the reason we are most likely to remember the bad experiences is due to our evolutionary framework. In layman’s terms, it means that we remember what we want to avoid.

To link this to business activities, we can understand from this research that the way to avoid negative experiences is to know what those experiences are for our customers.

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Cafe’s have a mix of customers coming and going, where it be to sit back, relax and enjoy a cuppa coffee, or the morning rush before starting the day. In both of these scenarios, the last thing on their minds is providing the business with some valuable feedback. Now imagine that intern grabbing all the coffees for the office, they could put their phone down on the bench while ordering and be automatically sent to the feedback form. There is no scanning of a QR code or typing in a website, but by simply placing their phone down or hovering over the bench.

“Customers will tell 15 people about bad service, as opposed to 11 about a good one” — Helpscout.com

Whether the intern follows through or not there are still benefits to gain from this experience;

  1. The intern remembering how they didn’t have to stop what they were doing to provide feedback when they got back to the office.
  2. The feedback given is providing useful information to optimise business processes.
  3. No negative feelings about their service experience.
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How is this possible?

Well, at Neuroe, they have developed a sticker that houses an NFC tag, and just like mobile payment, the customer can tap and go. This sticker is durable, reliable, and completely customisable to be whatever a business needs; in this case, it is quick access to the feedback form. Whether it be hot coffee, sticky cake, or dropped plate, Neuroes NFC sticker is Hospitality Approved and is easy to clean.

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