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Boomerang™ Powered by Neuroe™

If your Pet is Lost, finding its way back home just got a lot easier. It’s Simple – When someone finds your pet, the finder can tap the tag or scan the QR code with their phone to help effectively find it’s way back home, without needing to wait for your Pet’s microchip to be scanned by a Vet or Pet Rescue. 

AeroCard™ Powered by Neuroe™

Thanks to the Internet, traditional business communications such as telemarketing and faxing are long obsolete. However, the humble business card is a business staple that won’t go away any time soon. 

At Neuroe, we take the simple, printed business card to the next level. Our dynamic products are full of information, interchangeable between staff members, and entirely sustainable. With us, you can convey important, personal information, convey professionalism, and enhance your brand identity all with a single card. 

Read more about AeroCard™ today to find out how we can provide a unique Business Card Solution for your enterprise!

Tap2Cart™ Powered by Neuroe™

Tap2Cart™ enables optimised retail consumer experiences. Retail stores are often built to hold stock – Tap2Cart™ allows the retail sector to minimise their in-store footprint by introducing a digital experience, where customers browse a “showroom”, tap their items to their cart and check out online. 

There is no longer a requirement for staff to stock shelves and attend to Point of Sale. Your team can focus on delivering exceptional customer service which, in turn, increases basket size and revenue. Retailers deliver to the customers’ door from their DC after purchase.


Why Choose Neuroe? 

We Prioritise Security

Neuroe is all about data security. We fully encrypt every aspect of our applications and information, ensuring limited access and enhanced protection against data leaks or breaches.

We Invest In The Latest Technology

In our fight against more advanced hackers, Neuroe invests in the latest technology, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms.

We Believe In Sustainable Solutions

By purchasing Neuroe products, you support a number of our Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives. For example, We partner with One Tree Planted to rehabilitate bushfire-affected areas of Australia with your help – for each Smart Business Card you buy, we plant one tree!

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